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Local and Remote

Onsite and Cloud Backup

Don’t gamble with your critical data. Ensure your systems are backed up in case the unthinkable happens

Server and Network Management

Everything from server updates to periodic network scans and everything in between

Tech Support and Consulting

If you have a problem or want to discuss an upcoming project, give us a call




Even if you can't spit bars like Bagg, you can still keep track of your bag.

Classic Rando

Known also as a 'Mouse Jiggler'. This unit was built using an ESP32 and the bluetooth to emulate a Bluetooth mouse. Random mouse movements on a device.

SMS Bomber

Spam your friends with useless text messages.

Lora Launcher

Remotely launch rockets or ignite other pyrotechnics.


Our Journey

  • 2019-2021

    Where We Began

    With just a single refurb sff pc and 2 monitors I set out to start and run my own business

  • 2021

    Customized Hardware Devices

    Branching out into specific needs hardware devices was natural as clients began asking me for physical devices to fill a specific need. I created the ‘Classic Rando’ a hardware device based on an esp32 dev kit that is designed to emulate a bluetooth mouse and move randomly across the screen at random intervals to prevent lockout when working from home

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    Custom Applications

    Creating custom applications for clients is now something we do as well. If you have an idea we can take it from concept to a functional application

  • And we're
    just getting

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About Us

Objective Intel came from my love of technology, desire to start and run a successful business and the local need for small businesses to have IT support without a huge budget.